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With 100+ years experience, Carrier is committed to what matters

As CLIMA 2022 is getting closer, we were keen on learning how main sponsor Carrier has it’s EYE ON 2030. How does Carrier Airconditioning think the world of HVAC will evolve and how does Carrier play a role in the influences that will change the current demands on climate installations completely? As Carrier has been leading the HVAC industry with innovative ideas for over 100 years we have asked Didier Genois, Vice President & General Manager Carrier HVAC Europe, to share some of their knowledge in the run up to CLIMA 2022.


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Halton gives insights on CLIMA theme Health & Comfort

CLIMA 2022 has it’s EYE ON 2030. As Halton Group is sponsor for the theme Health & Comfort we have asked Tarja Takki-Halttunen, co-owner and Vice Chair of the Board at Halton, to share her thoughts on 2030. How does Halton think the world of HVAC, especially with regards to Health & Comfort, will evolve, which insights do they have and does Halton have answers or solutions when it comes to the challenges we are facing? These are some of the questions Takki-Halttunen will answer.


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Georg Fischer gives insights on CLIMA theme Circularity

There are several areas where exciting developments are taking place; the aim of the organizers was to address these with dedicated themes: Energy, Circularity, Digitalization, Health & Comfort and Learning & Education. Georg Fischer Piping Systems (GFPS), the leading flow solutions provider from Switzerland, is the theme sponsor of Circularity. Peter Barta, Global Business Development Manager Sustainability at GPFS, shares his thoughts on the topic below.


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