Siemens joins the effort for digitalized HVAC by sponsoring CLIMA 2022

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We are excited to announce that Siemens has decided to support the 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress CLIMA 2022 by signing up as theme sponsor Digitization. Siemens Smart Infrastructure combines the real and digital worlds across energy systems, buildings and industries, enhancing the way people live and work and significantly improving efficiency and sustainability. The perfect link to CLIMA 2022, that will all be about meeting global climate goals and the massive HVAC transformation that is on the horizon. Besides the theme Digitization, CLIMA 2022 will therefore focus on the themes Energy, Circularity, Health & Comfort and Learning & Education. All with an EYE ON 2030.

Siemens is well known as global technology leader supporting sustainable development by driving innovation. ‘I am thrilled to have Siemens on board as this is another great step in the development of CLIMA 2022. Our core objective is to make CLIMA 2022 the most versatile and diverse congress ever organised for REHVA and with Siemens teaming up with us and the other (theme) sponsors in the run up to CLIMA 2022, I am more than confident that we will meet this objective,’ says Atze Boerstra, Congress President of CLIMA 2022.

Our purpose is to create more sustainable communities by leveraging the power of digitalization in real-estate. We focus our innovation power on transforming the building industry and solving our customers’ most pressing issues for the benefit of people, businesses and the generations to come.
Henning Sandfort, CEO Building Products at Siemens Smart infrastructure



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