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CLIMA 2022 

CLIMA 2022 is set to be a conference completely dedicated to sharing knowledge, inspiration and motivation. Sharing knowledge to face the challenges ahead, inspiration to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions and motivation to step up and work together to make that difference.

As a conference attendant you will be challenged to think out of the box and to look beyond the regular frontiers. The conference will offer you ample possibilities to be inspired, to exchange ideas, to better get to know people you know already and to meet new people.

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  • CLIMA workshops
    CLIMA workshops are interactive sessions organised by international academic expert groups (Task Forces), European research projects and supporter companies discussing various scientific and technology topics. The 1.5 hours sessions feature short presentations from key academic and industry expert followed by at least half an hour discussion or other interactive group work.
  • Interactive sessions
    These 1 hour sessions belong to the scientific part of the congress and as such, went through a review process. Abstracts submission for Interactive sessions is closed.

    • Discussion forums – highly interactive sessions. At least 50 % of the time involves attendee interaction. Forums are discussion sessions among experts on trending topics, based for example on propositions or two different opinions. Forum can be organized offline or online and will take 1 hour.
    • Seminars (webinars) – thematic, more scientific oriented sessions with room for discussion. The session starts with prepared presentations on a specific topic which do not have to be connected to any submitted paper. Significant time of the seminar should be left for the discussion and Q&A. Seminars which will be organized online are called Webinars. Seminars and webinars have the same rules/set-up and duration of 1 hour.
    • Courses – the focus is more on practical learning and demonstration given by experts, such as new methods or software.