Workshop | Low relative humidity in indoor air – an important element of indoor air quality

Health & Comfort

Date Tuesday May 24
Time 14:15 - 15:45
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Dock 15

This workshop wants to initiate debate on the importance of low RH and which levels should create actionable decisions. We need more scientific studies of negative impact of dry indoor air in wellbeing and health.

One other reason for this debate is that the modern humidity recovery equipment in ventilation systems, control strategies and many humidity sources (mechanical and natural), gives new opportunities to minimize the energy costs and avoiding risks to have too high humidity levels in the buildings. Humidity control and humidity optimization is not so expensive as assumed if it is done.

Speakers Organisers
Pawel Wargocki Pawel Wargocki
Timo Schreck
Mikael Börjesson

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