Workshop | Deep Renovation Concepts


Date Tuesday May 24
Time 14:15 - 15:45
Theme Energy
Location Dock 6

In the energy-efficient renovation of buildings, the thermal insulation and the airtightness of the building envelope, including windows and exterior doors, are improved to almost meet the requirements of new construction. Building services systems, such as heating, water and ventilation systems, as well as electrical and telecommunications systems, will also be modernized to be more functionally efficient and energy efficient.

This Workshop presents renovation concepts that can achieve the desired level of energy performance, which in many European countries is considered to have an EP value of less than 75 kWh / m2 per year. The goal of deep renovation is to achieve at least 60% energy savings compared to the initial consumption.

Speakers Organisers
Jarek Kurnitski Mikko Iivonen
Michele De Carli
Mikko Iivonen
Clemens Felsmann

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