Workshop | COVID-19 implications on ventilation criteria and design

Health & Comfort

Date Monday May 23
Time 14:15 - 15:45
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Rotterdam C

The objective of the workshop is to discuss how new evidence on aerosol transmission should affect ventilation design methods/criteria and propose directions how to develop input to the revision of the standard. The following questions will be discussed:

  • Bases for existing IAQ and ventilation criteria
  • Relative humidity effect on the virus spread in indoor spaces
  • Infection risk and event reproduction number-based ventilation (and filtration) design method
  • Ventilation effectiveness importance in the design, including air distribution and room partitions/zoning

This workshop will facilitate the dialogue between researchers, HVAC professionals, consultants, manufacturers, building and occupational health authorities to find a path forward to solve a paradigm change in ventilation design.

Speakers Organisers
Jarek Kurnitski Jarek Kurnitski
Pawel Wargocki Atze Boerstra
Bjarne Olesen
Amar Aganovic

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