Workshop | Advanced airflow distribution methods for reduction of cross infection and exposure to indoor pollution

Health & Comfort

Date Monday May 23
Time 16:15 - 17:45
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Rotterdam C

A wide range of pollutants has been found indoors, and the adverse effect of various indoor pollutants on occupants’ health has been recognized as well. In addition, both gaseous pollutants and particulate matter pollutants may spread indoors from one zone to another through an improperly designed airflow distribution system. Also, using traditional ventilation methods, influenza viruses may spread from person to person through coughing or sneezing by people in public spaces. And the COVID-19 pandemic shows clear evidence that advanced airflow distribution methods are urgently needed to reduce cross-infection and exposure to indoor pollution. Occupants’ increasing exposure shows an urgent need to develop advanced airflow distribution methods to reduce exposure to various indoor pollutants. However, the increase of the ventilation rate leads to an increase in energy consumption and the need for large and costly ventilation systems with possible penalties in thermal comfort. Instead, proper design and control of air distribution in spaces can be a better alternative. This is the focus of a new REHVA Guidebook on Occupant Targeted Ventilation. The present and future activities in guidebook preparation will be presented and discussed. Several working group members will report the details of the work on the guidebook. The goal is to inform the community, discuss the work performed on the guidebook and collect rational suggestions for improving the work on the guidebook.

Speakers Organisers
Arsen Melikov Risto Kosonen
Guangyu Cao Arsen Melikov
Risto Kosonen

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