Workshop | The Future of HVAC as a Service


Date Wednesday May 25
Time 11:00 - 12:30
Theme Digitization
Location Dock 15

This workshop will deep dive into the potential future of the HVAC industry when it comes to sustainable, shared and digitalized solutions and will allow participants to open our minds to what that future could look like through the unique, collected lens of experts from across the industry.

We will brainstorm, shake up the way we workshop and come together in a format where there is no wrong answer and all ideas are welcome to answer a few key questions: How can industry players collaborate to make HVAC a positive contributor to climate change while helping end-users enjoy more efficient spaces? How can HVAC technology be a key player in Europe’s and the world’s climate goals? What are our individual roles as industry players in shaping this change? How can governments go further in supporting the end-users adoption of sustainable HVAC technologies? What can the industry do to empower end-customers about HVAC topic, trends, subsidies and more? What does HVAC as a service look like, what are the limitations and how far can we imagine taking it?

Speakers Organisers
Pierre-Thomas Louis de Soultrait Pierre-Thomas Louis de Soultrait
Gianluca Figini


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