Workshop | 7 Essentials of Healthy Indoor Air

Health & Comfort

Date Monday May 23
Time 16:15 - 17:45
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Dock 12

Basic requirements for HVAC systems for healthy indoor air quality

Belimo has interviewed consulting engineers and experts in the ventilation sector around the world to identify the priorities when aspiring to create a healthy indoor air environment in a building. In the process, seven essential factors for ensuring healthy indoor air in non-residential buildings have emerged:

  1. Continuous and reliable measurement, display and monitoring of indoor air quality
  2. Accurate amount of air to the zone and controlled removal of contaminated air
  3. Well-designed air dilution and airflow pattern
  4. Active pressurisation of envelope and spaces
  5. Correct temperature and humidity conditioning
  6. Effective filtration
  7. Proper amount of outdoor air

In this workshop, we would like to define the KPls for each 7 essentials of healthy indoor air.

Speakers Organisers
M. George Hoekstra BELIMO
David Pusch
Mikko Gisin

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