Seminar | Smart buildings & interfaces for managers of buildings and facilities & Intelligence needed for occupant-HVAC interfaces at room level

Health & Comfort

Date Monday May 23
Time 10:30 - 12:30
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Dock 6

The final users of buildings and buildings’ systems (the facilities managers and the occupants) are not fully considered in the design of smart control of HVAC systems. These are often developed from a technology driven perspective, and the communication between the control system and the end user hardly gets any attention. In this session we want to discuss the needs to consider actual and dynamic requirements and preferences of the occupants in the design and control systems, such as energy-related practices, health and wellbeing aspects, and how user interfaces and feedback can support facilities managers to procure better energy control and a better indoor environment for the users.

Within the Brains4Building project -funded by the Dutch Government- we have the ambition to develop methods to design user centric interfaces to increase the performance of buildings and to support its flexibility to respond to local energy supply and demand. The aim of the session is to bring facilities managers together with developers of building energy management systems to confront their ideas, needs and experiences and get inspiration from both sides for the further development of intelligent user interfaces of HVAC systems, where the role of the end-user is explicitly considered.

Speakers Organisers
Frans Joostens Mirjam Harmelink
Sander van der Harst Olivia Guerra-Santin
Marleen Spiekman

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