Seminar | Nearly Zero Energy Hospitals


Date Monday May 23
Time 11:30 - 12:30
Theme Energy
Location Rotterdam A

NZ hospital is a challenging goal. Design, construction, operation, ongoing maintenance and regular refurbishments of NZ  hospitals will require creativity and innovation, high quality thinking, excellence in construction and validation, and operational excellence. And whilst a new NZ might provide the opportunity for a fresh start the basic fact is that the majority of the healthcare estate is here  now and is far from NZ which means that these stages toward NZ must apply to existing hospitals as much as new ones.

The first principal of healthcare is “prinum non nocere” (first, do no harm) which means that all Healthcare must be leaders in driving down carbon emissions. It is in our mission for health and wellbeing. Consideration of this mission reveals 3 facts:

  1. Synergy between the measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions and the measures needed to achieve healthy, resilient buildings.
  2. Healthcare buildings are on the higher end of the energy use intensity scale. The moral imperative under which healers operate will mean proactive action.
  3. Healthcare professionals are amongst the most trusted. So they have a special obligation to lead the world into a healthier future.

This workshop will present steps toward the NZ goal for new and existing hospitals and will invite interactive participation from delegates.

Speakers Organisers
Wim Maasen Wim Maasen
Frank Mills Frank Mills
Travis English

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