Seminar | Innovative passive solutions


Date Monday May 23
Time 16:15 - 17:45
Theme Energy
Location Dock 15

Passiveness should be a starting point for the architecture of the future. In a world of soaring energy prices and climate change designers must now radically reduce fossil fuel powered heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation energy consumption by making more use of the physical qualities of buildings themselves. Intelligent integration of thermal, visual and acoustical comfort is a robust, but challenging starting point for energy sufficient design. New thinking on flexible ways of providing comfort for occupants requires a new focus on the holistic experience of comfort in changing environments, and ways of harnessing personal behaviours to optimise the benefits of natural daylight and ventilation.  Buildings will have to be increasingly run on local energy from the sun, wind, light and energy storage.  Currently, energy-savings from passive design features are often overestimated by designers and their control-systems tend to become very complex, fairly incomprehensible, and come with a high risk of failure. These are exciting times for designers exploring genuine innovation.

In this session we want to encourage designers to design now for a different future in a heating world in which ventilation may play a different role from today. We will discuss what might be some of the leading new directions for passive design as we move towards an age where we increasing need to run our buildings on local, natural energy. We aim to share and explore together what will be important for the effective ventilation of buildings in 25 years’ time and how that shared learning might influence how we should be designing resilient buildings today for a different future and we aim to briefly outline what barriers might be impeding necessary changes to happen.

Speakers Organisers
Susan Roaf Susan Roaf
Peter van den Engel

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