Seminar | Bedroom ventilation & sleep quality

Health & Comfort

Date Wednesday May 25
Time 09:30 - 10:30
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Dock 12

Sleep quality is crucial for physical and mental health. Poor bedroom air quality caused by inadequate ventilation and high pollution exposures in bedrooms as well as overheating has been shown to negatively affect sleep quality. This may consequently lead to reduced next-day cognitive performance. In this workshop the focus will be on bedroom ventilation. Studies investigating bedroom air quality and ventilation when people are sleeping are limited. There is therefore a need to characterize bedroom air quality to determine which levels of ventilation and the avoidance of which exposure conditions will on the one hand secure reduced risks for poor sleep quality and on the other be conducive for sleep. The questions to be answered concern the mechanisms explaining the effects on sleep, the types of exposures and pollutants that reduce sleep quality including the importance of CO2 both as a marker of ventilation adequacy and potential pollutant. This workshop will summarize the current state-of-the-art research on bedroom ventilation and sleep and sleep quality. Perspective and challenges for this topic will also be discussed and delineated.

This workshop aims to characterize air change rates during sleep in bedrooms, exposure levels to air pollutants during sleep, observed associations between bedroom ventilation and air quality and sleep quality; it will also discuss the potential solutions for improvement of bedroom conditions. The most pressing research questions that need to be answered shortly will also be formed and discussed.

Key learnings: 1. an overview of the state-of-the-art of bedroom ventilation, air quality and sleep quality; 2. summary of measured ventilation rates during sleep in bedrooms and the existing regulations concerning bedroom ventilation; 3. exposure levels of air pollutants during sleep under different ventilation rates.

Target audience: Researchers who are interested in the research on bedroom air quality and ventilation and their effects on man. . Practitioners who would like to learn new insights on the design, construction and operation of bedroom ventilation systems. We invite all building stakeholders interested in the residential and hotel buildings.

Speakers Organisers
Pawel Wargocki Pawel Wargocki
Jelle Laverge Jelle Laverge
Marcel Loomans
Atze Boerstra
Chandra Sekhar

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