Workshop | Future of HVAC servicing through digital building equipment management


Date Wednesday May 25
Time 09:30 - 10:30
Theme Digitization
Location Dock 15

This seminar will discuss the future of the HVAC industry, and how digital solutions will enable comfortable and sustainable environments. In the future, buildings are more than structures. They’re dynamic environments; healthy, safe, sustainable, intelligent spaces that deliver tangible benefits for owners, operators, and occupants. The future technology roadmap will include connected cloud-based platforms, machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence. These types of solutions will help businesses to gain actionable insights into their building performance, predict potential issues before they occur and will enable future modelling of building dynamics which will save time, effort, and costs.

We will explore what these solutions can offer for end users, installers, and facility management companies. How do these technologies work, how can customers benefit, and what are the potential pitfalls and challenges with using and deploying this new technology.

Speakers Organisers
Andrew Paddock

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