Discussion forum | How to assess multi-domain exposure situations in indoor environments? Discussing new research approaches for comfort and behavior

Health & Comfort

Date Tuesday May 24
Time 09:30 - 10:30
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Dock 11

Building occupants are continuously exposed to multi-sensory indoor environmental stimuli. These stimuli, together with personal and contextual factors, influence among others occupants’ perception and behavior. The scientific literature and current international standards commonly address these domains in isolation on the base of studies that are predominantly single-domain. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of studies that address multi-domain circumstances, in that they consider at least two different domains and their interactions. However, a review suggests that existing multi-domain research is not sufficiently systematic and conclusive. Hence new approaches towards designing and conducting multi-domain research have to be developed. Given this context, the proposed discussion forum aims at collecting new ideas and evaluate new options as how to tackle the inherently multi-domain exposure situations in indoor environments, both in theory and experimentally. Anticipated key learnings for participants include:

  • getting insight into this complex field of comfort research
  • understanding the interrelations between the different stimuli and their effect on perception and behavior,
  • experiencing the perspectives of the different scientific domains on the topic,
  • translating the obtained information and knowledge obtained through discussion into new approaches to conduct research and develop standards.

The target audience includes experts from different related scientific domains (e.g., psychology, sociology, building management) to enrich the discussion.

Speakers Organisers
Marcel Schweiker Marcel Schweiker
Ardeshir Mahdavi Ardeshir Mahdavi
Andreas Wagner Andreas Wagner

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