Discussion forum | Energy performance and comfort of intelligent buildings – where is the limit of automation of building management processes?


Date Monday May 23
Time 14:15 - 15:45
Theme Energy
Location Dock 12

In modern buildings, there are many new technical systems that address individual building functions. In addition to the system itself, which must be able to perform the function, its operation is also very important and must meet economic, energy, environmental and legislative requirements. The pressure to reduce energy consumption is leading to a fundamental change in the approach to construction and is having an impact on the quality of the indoor environment. The way in which the system is operated depends on its control and management capabilities. In the discussion forum, we will open up questions concerning the degree of automation of building operations, the way the building communicates with the user and the algorithms to be used to control the quality of the indoor environment and energy management. Do we want buildings that behave autonomously? To what extent should the user be able to intervene in the control of the HVAC system? What services can a smart home provide to the user? Which functions effectively influence the energy performance of the building? Are we able to define environmental quality requirements based on the current state of knowledge? Are we able to objectively define the user interface? Come and express your opinion and contribute to the discussion with experts from universities and practice.

Speakers Organisers
Karel Kabele Karel Kabele
Zuzana Veverková
Jan Hensen
Jiri Hirs
Jan Randa
Jakub Bruha

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