Discussion forum | Accounting for occupants in building design and operation

Health & Comfort

Date Tuesday May 24
Time 11:00 - 12:30
Theme Health & Comfort
Location Dock 11

Literature shows that occupant-building interactions impact building performance and are often a result of occupants’ dissatisfaction with indoor environmental quality. However, occupants seem to be only limitedly considered during building design and operation. Obviously, there is a significant gap between existing knowledge about the impact of design decisions on occupants’ wellbeing, and its application in building design practice.

As a part of IEA EBC Annex 79, a large-scale international survey on occupants in building design and operation has been conducted. A questionnaire has been distributed among architects, engineers, HVAC designers, and facility managers. The goal is to gain information about what occupant-related information is available in the early design phase and how this information is used and transferred from the design to the operation phase.

First findings obtained from this survey will be presented in the session and used as a starting point to initiate a discussion on a) how to improve quantity and quality of information about occupants, and b) how to ensure that this information will become an integrated part of future building design. Key learnings are: a) what knowledge on occupants is currently available for practitioners, b) what is it / can it be used for, and c) how could the current situation be improved. This session aims to attract the academic community as well as practitioners in the field of building design and operation.

Speakers Organisers
Runa Hellwig Runa Hellwig
Andreas Wagner Andreas Wagner
Fatih Topak Fatih Topak

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