Course | An Introduction to Semantic Metadata for Data-Driven Buildings


Date Monday May 23
Time 14:15 - 15:45
Theme Digitization
Location Dock 6

Data is playing an increasingly central role in the automated management and operation of buildings; however, the heterogeneity, complexity of modern buildings and the volume of data they produce present a barrier to adopting data-driven practices. Semantic metadata schemas, ontologies and related technologies present an opportunity to manage building data more easily by annotating data streams with rich discriptions of the nature, purpose and context of the telemetry.

In the context of the IEA Annex 81 project (, this interactive session will introduce attendees to the concept of semantic metadata. The session will demonstrate how semantic metadata reduces the complexity of working with building data and facilitates the development and deployment of data-driven software for smart buildings. The format of the session will alternate between lecture-style presentation, live demonstrations by the chairpersons and interactive live coding sessions involving the attendees. During the interactive portions, attendees will practice modeling a building using the Brick and Linked Building Data semantic metadata ontologies and use the resulting model to access historical telemetry and author a simple analytics application.

Speakers Organisers
Gabriel Fierro Gabriel Fierro
Pieter Pauwels Pieter Pauwels


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