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We are excited to annnounce Dr. Clayton Miller as one of our keynote speakers for theme Digitzation. Dr. Miller is an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the Department of the Built Environment. He is the creator of the EDx MOOC Course – Data Science for Construction, Architecture and Engineering that has more than 20,000 participants worldwide since April 2020. He is also the leader of the Building and Urban Data Science (BUDS) Lab at NUS and the Co-Leader of Subtask 4 of the IEA Annex 79 Occupant-Centric Building Design and Operation. Miller’s research focuses on performance data analytics using thousands of real-world case study buildings collected from facilities around the world. His team leads the development of the smartwatch-based Cozie wellness and comfort data collection open source project, the ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III Kaggle competition, and the SpaceMatch activity-based workstation optimization platform.

On Wednesday, May 25th Dr. Miller will discuss the importance of open data for the development of robust machine learning in the building industry and how we can catch up to other sectors that have transformed due to data science. He will discuss his mission to introduce basic data science skills to built environment professionals and help steer the two domains towards each other.

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