CLIMA 2022 measures the temperature of the global installation sector

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Anyone who wants to measure the temperature of the international world of installation should register for CLIMA 2022. The REHVA HVAC World Congress, which takes place once every three years, is coming to Rotterdam Ahoy in May. It is the first time in history that this conference is being held in the Netherlands, and TVVL is organising it. “This is the event where science and practice meet, and current knowledge is exchanged. If you want to know what is going on, what new insights there are and how the installation sector is developing, this is the place to be.”


Atze Boerstra, president of CLIMA 2022, is already audibly enthusiastic when he thinks of the many different people who will participate from all over the world and the broad range of topics that will be discussed. Together with Laure ltard and Lada Hensen Centnerová, he is in charge of the content of this prestigious international congress they are setting up together with TVVL in a short time frame. “You could say that this REHVA congress is the European Championship for the installation world. Here, once every three years, we bring together the best people and all the current topics that our sector has to offer. It is a unique opportunity for the Dutch installation and construction industry to have such close and accessible access to it”, says Boerstra, director of BBA Binnenmilieu and recently connected to TU Delft.

Mix of science and practice
Laure ltard, working at TU Delft, and Lada Hensen Centnerová, working at TU Eindhoven, are both vice presidents of CLIMA 2022 and, in that role, responsible for an important part of the content of the congress, namely the papers and workshops. Besides the not to be underestimated social aspect, the CLIMA congress is primarily a scientific event in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning. This means that a huge amount of new knowledge and practical cases are brought to light to give a strong boost to the knowledge level in the European installation world.

“The congress attracts scientists from all over the world”, says Laure ltard. “But the nice thing is that, here, they also get to meet people from the field in a fairly accessible way. Installers, designers, consultants, manufacturers, but also students and media will be present in large numbers. It is this whole mix of professionals that makes this an event you definitely want to be at.”


Vice Presidents Laure ltard (TU Delft) and Lada Hensen Centnerová (TU!e) and President Atze Boerstra (BBA Binnenmilieu) of CLIMA 2022.


Knowledge exchange around five topics
“You can bet that there will be a lot of start-ups here; companies and researchers who are working on digitalisation, for example: what benefits can monitoring air quality provide, but also how can we monitor energy use and manage it in real time. Everyone has an opportunity to give or participate in workshops and presentations here to enhance their knowledge”, says Lada Hensen Centnerová. “This congress really sets the agenda in our sector. And that’s what makes it so fantastic “, adds ltard.

“A few important subjects will determine the trends”, Boerstra continues. “Of course, they relate to the energy transition. For example, the ‘green deal’ – which the EU is now prominently bringing to the public – for a great part determines the direction in which the installation world is developing. But the COVID-19 pandemic and the phenomenon health, ventilation and healthy buildings is a topic that will continue to be in the spotlight next year. Digitisation is another topic that will be given extensive attention at this conference.”

The trio indicated that they will make CLIMA 2022 into a broad and very diverse congress, where everyone in the sector will find topics that appeal to them. “For example, in addition to the three topics Atze mentioned, circularity is another important one. It is truly a defining issue for the future, one to which the EU is also firmly committed. In this respect, installation technology still lags behind compared to architecture and construction. And the fifth topic is learning & education, which includes new forms of knowledge dissemination,” says ltard. “The congress will therefore also take place in a hybrid form; in addition to the many live sessions, we will stream some of the presentations, workshops, and lectures via the internet.”

Workshops and papers
During the conference, a variety of presentations and workshops will be held, both in plenary sessions and in many sub-sessions. “It goes without saying that we will provide appealing keynotes. It is too early to announce names at this stage, but the presentations will be related to the five topics mentioned. Our aim is to organise the subjects per overarching topic on fixed days during the congress days between 22 and 25 May,” Boerstra says. “Attendees will be able to pick out the day or days that appeal to them most. At the same time, I think that many people will not limit this unique opportunity to just one day. Who wouldn’t want to spend three consecutive days in a stimulating environment, networking with the top European experts in our field.”

“We strongly encourage all market participants to submit topics for interactive sessions,” says Hensen Centnerová. “Our goal is to offer a very wide range of subjects. These can come in the form of discussion forums, seminars or webinars, as well as courses or workshops. We call on specialists, scientists and, in particular, practitioners to submit their proposals before the summer.

Please check here for more information on dates and rules.

ltard continues: “The same goes for our call for papers. Traditionally, a REHVA congress is accompanied by a comprehensive volume containing a wide range of publications. If you want to submit such a contribution, please send us your abstract before 15 September 2021. If the topic is accepted, you can develop the paper and it will be included in the congress proceedings and website. The contribution might also be published in the REHVA Journal or the TVVL Magazine.”

Striving for diversity
The great diversity of CLIMA 2022 is also reflected in the opportunities for companies to offer sponsored workshops; sessions that visitors can attend both live and online. Organisations and companies can also present themselves with a booth at the congress. “There will be a lot to experience”, says Boerstra. “For example, TVVL’s Swiss sister organisation will be celebrating its 50th anniversary at the congress. And the award ceremony for the REVHA student competition will be held here, too. In addition, the winners of the new Healthy Hornes Design competition, created jointly by REHVA and Velux, will be announced during the venue. Of course, there will also be various get-togethers, the conference dinner on Tuesday, and other social events. All this makes CLIMA 2022 a unique event. Truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience; and a first for it to be held in the Netherlands.”

“People should definitely not think that of it as an old boys network,” adds ltard. “One of our main goals is to bring together our students, national and international. That is why Young TVVL (see box) is also developing its own activities at this congress. We badly need this generation to meet the challenges that lie ahead in each of the mentioned areas in the years up to 2030.”

Hensen Centnerová concludes: “Apart from the fact that the content of the congress promises to be extremely varied, we also want CLIMA 2022 to be as diverse as possible. Perhaps it will not be quite as diverse as the visitors of the Eurovision Song Contest, which took place at Ahoy last month, but at CLIMA 2022 we also expect to see a lot of young people and women.”


Please read the full article here: CLIMA 2022 measures the temperature of the global installation sector – TVVL Magazine 3, 2021


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