Professor Lieve Helsen keynote speaker theme Energy

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We are so excited to annnounce that Lieve Helsen will be joining us as keynote speaker for theme Energy. Helsen is Professor in Mechanical Engineering (KU Leuven & EnergyVille), leading the Thermal Systems Simulation (The SySi) research group, focusing on modelling, optimal control and optimal design of thermal systems in the built environment. As chairwoman Lieve established the Flanders Heat Pump Platform in 2008 and organised multiple highly-attended local Heat Pump Symposia that stimulated interaction between researchers and practitioners. In 2021 she acted as Conference Chair of the 17th International Building Simulation Conference of IBPSA in Bruges. She is member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, ODE Board of Directors, IBPSA-NVL, ATIC, IEA-HPT, EHPA, the Steering Group of the Flanders Heat Pump Platform, the International Scientific Committee of the ZEN Center at NTNU and UCEEB at TUPrague, core-member of EnergyVille, spokesperson of Moonshot Energy Innovation Core Team and nominated as member of AcademiaNet, which is The Portal to Excellent Women Academics.

The subject of Helsen’s speech on Tuesday, May 24th will be: Towards net zero CO2 emission in the built environment – a system of systems approach.

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REHVA’S 14th HVAC World Congress is ready to go

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Visit CLIMA 2022From 22 until 25 May 2022, TVVL (Dutch Society for Building Services and Technology), and the Technical Universities of Delft and Eindhoven are organising the 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress CLIMA 2022 in Rotterdam. “Although times are still uncertain due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all the conditions have been met to make the congress a great success. We have put together a wonderful preliminary programme. In terms of content, we are working on a lineup of top speakers, innovative workshops and high-profile presentations. In addition, we will provide an unparalleled social and cultural programme.”


Atze Boerstra, congress president and Lada Hensen Centnerová, one of the two vice presidents, exude confidence in their update on the organisation: “Both the programme and organisational matters for welcoming all the guests are well on track. Our core objective is to make CLIMA 2022 the most versatile and diverse congress ever organised for REHVA. Those that attend the congress will notice this in its content, form and also in the supporting programme of social events and activities. Apart from that, it goes without saying that we take all the Covid-19 measures we deem necessary – and that is more than our government prescribes – to ensure the safety and health of all the guests”, says Atze Boerstra.


Opening keynote speech
During the interview, in November 2021, Boerstra and Hensen Centnerová reveal that the programme is shaping up. It will be highly engaging for academics specialized in building technology as well as for representatives of manufacturers, installers, consulting engineers, HVAC system designers, property developers and facility managers. The 14th HVAC World Congress starts on Sunday with special excursions in Rotterdam and an exciting opening event in the afternoon. To this end, Marjan Minnesma will give a stimulating opening keynote speech. Marjan is director of the Dutch Urgenda Foundation, an organisation that successfully took legal action to force the Dutch government to take faster and more drastic measures to combat climate change. She is the most influential person in the Netherlands when it comes to putting and keeping energy transition on the agenda.


Please read the full article in REHVA Journal 6 2021



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Dr. Clayton Miller keynote speaker theme Digitization

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We are excited to annnounce Dr. Clayton Miller as one of our keynote speakers for theme Digitzation. Dr. Miller is an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the Department of the Built Environment. He is the creator of the EDx MOOC Course – Data Science for Construction, Architecture and Engineering that has more than 20,000 participants worldwide since April 2020. He is also the leader of the Building and Urban Data Science (BUDS) Lab at NUS and the Co-Leader of Subtask 4 of the IEA Annex 79 Occupant-Centric Building Design and Operation. Miller’s research focuses on performance data analytics using thousands of real-world case study buildings collected from facilities around the world. His team leads the development of the smartwatch-based Cozie wellness and comfort data collection open source project, the ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III Kaggle competition, and the SpaceMatch activity-based workstation optimization platform.

On Wednesday, May 25th Dr. Miller will discuss the importance of open data for the development of robust machine learning in the building industry and how we can catch up to other sectors that have transformed due to data science. He will discuss his mission to introduce basic data science skills to built environment professionals and help steer the two domains towards each other.

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Halton gives insights on CLIMA theme Health & Comfort

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Interview with Tarja Takki-Halttunen

CLIMA 2022 has it’s EYE ON 2030. As Halton Group is sponsor for the theme Health & Comfort we have asked Tarja Takki-Halttunen, co-owner and Vice Chair of the Board at Halton, to share her thoughts on 2030. How does Halton think the world of HVAC, especially with regards to Health & Comfort, will evolve, which insights do they have and does Halton have answers or solutions when it comes to the challenges we are facing? These are some of the questions Takki-Halttunen will answer.

As sponsor for the theme Health & Comfort of CLIMA 2022; what is your view on 2030? How does Halton think the world of HVAC, especially with regards to Health & Comfort, will evolve and how does Halton play a role in this?
“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of health and comfort indoors and pushed actors in the built environment to seek solutions for improving the air quality. Sustainability will play a much greater role in the coming years”, says Takki-Halttunen.

”Besides energy efficiency, the HVAC sector needs to pay attention to using carbon-free energy sources. Creating a high-quality indoor climate should not burden the environment. The selection of the energy source will be closely connected to the selection of the HVAC systems ”, continues Takki-Halttunen.

“The pandemic has accelerated the change of how we use buildings. Spaces need to be attractive for knowledge employees to leave their home offices. The indoor environment has therefore become a competitive factor for employers. Spaces have to be more flexible and adaptable”, concludes Takki-Halttunen.

Which insights does Halton have with regards to Health & Comfort?
“Halton is a global technology leader in demanding indoor environments, ranging from commercial kitchens, restaurants, offices and hospitals to cruise ships and power plants, with an aim to ensure human safety and wellbeing”, notes Takki-Halttunen.

” As buildings consume around 40% of all energy it is more and more important to use the available spaces as effectively as possible. Energy efficiency alone is not enough. It does not make sense to maintain buildings that are only partly occupied. High-quality spaces will replace deteriorated indoor environments. This will increase the demand for better HVAC systems”, summarizes Takki-Halttunen.

“Creating a high-quality indoor climate should not burden the environment.
The selection of the energy source will be closely connected to the selection of the HVAC systems.”

Does Halton have a solution/answer or is Halton part of any (international) initiative trying to find answers/innovative solutions for the challenges we are facing with regards to Health & Comfort?
“Our portfolio includes complete indoor environmental solutions as well as local air purification units. Halton is also part of the Finnish E3 Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions joint project, to further help develop solutions and deepen our knowledge in pandemic response”, describes Takki-Halttunen. “We have also invested in several start-ups focusing on improving health and comfort in the built environment.”

What is the link for Halton with CLIMA 2022? What can the CLIMA visitor expect from your participation?
“Halton is an active supporter of Clima. Halton has submitted and participated in a handful of white papers to the conference and our specialists look forward to presenting the topics in Rotterdam. Our topics include themes such as thermal comfort by active ceiling diffusers with radiant panels, energy efficiency and indoor climate benefits of demand-based ventilation, and contaminant removal efficiency with night-time ventilation “, says Takki-Halttunen.

Why has Halton decided to sponsor CLIMA 2022?
“Clima, the leading conference in the global HVAC field, combines the latest research and innovations for better indoor environments. Halton acknowledges the great importance of joint efforts to improve the Health & Comfort with a sustainable angle”, concludes Takki-Halttunen.



Tarja Takki-Halttunen graduated with Master’s degree in engineering in 1988 from the Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto Uni) majoring in HVAC and information technology. Her thesis focused on the air cleanliness and air distribution methods in operating theatres. She is the co-owner and Vice Chair of the Board in Halton Group. Tarja has been serving Halton Group in many executive roles: Managing Director of SBA Halton responsible for 60 million € business in 20 countries, Director of New Ventures Business Area, Director of Global Business Development Program, and Director of Logistics and Information Systems. She is currently based in Finland and has also worked in the USA for six years. Tarja founded Indoorium Oy in 2001 and was HVAC Consultant at EKONO Oy in 1980s. She serves on the boards of two technology start-up companies. She also serves on the board of Technology Industry Employers of Finland.


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