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Even in these unusual times, preparations for CLIMA 2022 are up to speed. In REHVA Journal 6, 2020 three members of the Organising Committee were interviewed and gave a short update on the status quo. These three persons are Olaf Oosting (TVVL board representative) , Lada Hensen Cntnerova (congress vice-president) and Atze Boerstra (congress president).


‘We are determined to make a succes out of the CLIMA 2022 congress, no matter what.’


What kind of preparation work have you been involved in over the last couple of months?
‘One of the main issues was the congress location. We have been in close contact with the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Center (RACC) since autumn 2019. Their new entrance building is more or less ready now and can be visited virtually here: WebVR – Ahoy ( We have not signed the final contract yet, as with the corona pandemic things are far from normal. luckily, they have been flexible with us. They, like us, are determined to make a succes of the CLIMA congress, no matter what.’

Any ideas on how the corona pandemic will impact the 2022 edition of the CLIMA congress?
Atze: ‘Apart from all the impracticalities and uncertainties coused by COVID-19: this pandemic has, of course led to all kinds of new questions about the transmission of airborne infectious diseases that are of utmost importance to our field.


Please read the full article here: CLIMA update 1 from the REHVA Journal 06/2020



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